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GOAL Outlook for 2021: Rotation inoculation — remain pro-risk

We are pro-risk for 2021 and expect the pro-cyclical rotation across and within assets to continue, supported by a strong economic recovery from the COVID-19 shock. With a favourable growth/inflation mix and still elevated equity risk premia we are OW equities and UW bonds. 

20 Nov 2020 | 5:46pm GMT | Research | Portfolio Strategy - Christian Mueller-Glissmann and others

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 Webcast Replay: GOAL Outlook 2021 - Rotation Inoculation

with Christian Mueller-Glissman, Peter Oppenheimer, Kamakshya Trivedi, Praveen Korapaty, Damien Courvalin and Amanda Lynam.

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2021 Commodity Outlook: REVing up a structural bull market

While the vaccine presents tactical upside, the pandemic itself represents a structural shift. We believe commodities' streak of poor returns has reached an end in the aftermath of the Covid crisis. Of course, negative oil prices are hard to top, and it’s easy – and largely accurate – to present the 2021 commodity outlook as a V-shaped vaccine trade. What we think is key, however, is that this recovery in commodity prices will actually be the beginning of a much longer structural bull market for commodities driven by three key themes.

18 Nov 2020 | 05:57am EST | Research | Commodities - Jeffrey Currie and others

 Research Unplugged: GS Commodity Outlook 2021

with Jeff Currie, Damien Courvalin, Samantha Dart, Nicholas Snowdon, Mikhail Sprogis & Chris Hussey.

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2021 Global Credit Outlook: Same direction, different magnitude

We expect credit spreads will continue to inch to their pre-pandemic levels. While the near-term growth path may prove bumpy, low macro volatility following recent positive vaccine developments, the accommodative stance of monetary policy, direct central bank interventions, and a remarkably supportive supply/demand technical backdrop should support credit risk appetite, in our view. Valuations limit long-term upside relative to the stellar performance since late March. But credit will likely deliver decent excess returns and solid Sharpe ratios in 2021.

18 Nov 2020 | 5:59PM EST | Research | Economics - Lotfi Karoui and others

 Webcast Replay: GS Global Credit Strategy Outlook 2021

with Lotfi Karoui, Amanda Lynam, Frank Jarman and Chris Hussey.

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Global Strategy Outlook: The Bull Run in 2021

We remain confident about the global economic recovery in 2021, expecting global real GDP growth of 6%. Our rates team forecast steepening yield curves and higher break-even inflation from Q2. Our commodities team emphasise that all major commodity markets are in deficit, and they expect rising prices over the next 12 months.

12 Nov 2020 | 5:53am GMT | Research | Portfolio Strategy - Peter Oppenheimer and others


 Webcast Replay: Global Equity Strategy Outlook 2021

with Peter Oppenheimer, David Kostin, Tim Moe, and Chris Hussey.

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Top Ten Market Themes for 2021: A Shot in the Arm

We expect that a strong vaccine-led recovery in global growth will provide a large boost to cyclical assets, including commodities, cyclical equity sectors and emerging markets. However, the path may be tricky as the market balances spot growth weakness with a forward outlook that is more supportive.

10 Nov 2020 | 5:42am EST | Research | Economics - Zach Pandl and others

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  1. Vaccine-led Recovery to Lift Cyclical Assets 
  2. Navigating the Path 
  3. A Steeper Real Yield Curve 
  4. Europe: Two Steps forward, One Step Back 
  5. China: Forging Ahead, with Assets in Tow 
  6. A New Commodity Bull Cycle 
  7. EM Outperformance: More than Before, Less than Sometimes 
  8. Rotations: Cyclical, North Asia in Focus but Vaccine News Key to Near Term 
  9. In Search of New (and Old) Safe Havens, Hedges and Diversifiers 
  10. Risks from Corona and Beyond

 Webcast Replay: Top Market Themes & Trades for 2021 (12 Nov)

with Lotfi Karoui, Zach Pandl, Kamakshya Trivedi, Damien Courvalin, Christian Mueller-Glissmann, and Dominic Wilson.

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Global Economic Outlook: V(accine)-Shaped Recovery

Our GDP forecasts are above consensus in most major economies in 2021, and everywhere in 2022. At the most basic level, we view the coronavirus recession as much more V-shaped than previous postwar cycles, which were mostly driven by financial shocks to asset markets and income.

7 Nov 2020 | 2:54pm EST | Research | Economics - Jan Hatzius and others