FAQ on the GS Research Portal

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  • Responsive design that formats well on any device. (Try it on your phone!)
  • Curated pages highlighting top reports, themes and events, changing through the day
  • A more powerful and flexible search
  • Easier access with less need to remember passwords
  • Greater integration between digital reports and the site to offer additional depth
  • GS Now, our new content-focused mobile app, is available on the Apple App Store (for IOS) or Google Play (for Android). The app has powerful customization tools, including the ability to subscribe to favorite authors, share articles, and save articles for offline viewing.

    Clients with access to market commentary from the Global Markets division via Marquee will see an additional Commentary tab with posts from sales and trading.



    Use simple search - the top right of any page.

    If you want a more refined search visit Advanced Search (click on the search icon from the search bar). A few tips for advanced search:

  • Select tags from auto-suggest to return any reports that have the tag. The drop down will be locked to that tag domain e.g. authors, companies etc, and searching within the row will be filtered to that domain.
  • Insert keyword searches with capitalized AND/OR/NOT operators in the same row e.g. oil OR gas. You can edit your keyword by hovering over the pill > EDIT.
  • Search just titles vs the entirety of the reports using keywords or exact match to titles.

  • Search within your results to refine as much as needed using the additional rows and indentation.

  • Quick filters, such as a page-count bar to isolate longer reports
  • Actions to select several reports from a search result and send the links

  • Share your search query by copying the URL 


       Note: Share results option using the email icon can be used for up to 6 reports at a time.



    Visit the Profile page to specify your Region, Focus (including Companies, Asset Class, Industries and Countries and Regions you are interested in), Role and Language to ensure you receive the best personalized experience. Our round-the-clock curation team highlight reports and themes relevant to your regional focus, for example, Macro focus users will see a greater weight on content from our Economics, Strategy and Commodities teams, while our Equity users will be exposed to more exposure to single-stock and industry content.


    You can Follow and set alerts from pages or reports whenever you see the FOLLOW button. You can also set them up directly on the Alerts page

    1. From pages, click on the FOLLOW button on the right hand side:

    2. From reports, click on the FOLLOW button under the tag cloud:

    3. From the Alerts page, add to your Publications, Authors and Companies grouped alerts or Add New Custom alert where you will be taken to Search to create customized alerts with the ability to add keywords, watchlists, tags, change the logic with AND/OR/NOT operators, and select your language preference.

    To learn more about creating Custom Alerts, visit our Customizing alerts page. For more details on Follows and Alerts in general visit the Follows & Alerts FAQ

    Click on Edit Profile to change your Primary and Secondary email. You can then set individual alert preferences for Frequency OR email address per alert. .
    Your language can also be set in your Profile, and new alerts will respect your user profile language. If you change your language preference, existing alerts will update if you make a change to your alert. 

    Check that you have turned ON your alerts indicated by ALERT ON/OFF button. Also, it depends on the frequency of each report. Check the last report you expected to receive which may As published, Daily or Weekly

    Please note we have changed the email sender domain for research emails since Sep. 22 to @alerts.publishing.gs.com. This may affect any inbox rules that depend on the previous domain of @gs.com. Please add the new domain to your safe senders list and update any inbox rules accordingly. During this transition you may receive alerts from both domains, so please keep any existing rules for @gs.com and create duplicate rules for our new domain. 







    On all company pages, you can see a DOWNLOAD MODEL option at the upper-right corner (or under the peer comparison table on mobile view). This contains the most recent Analyst published model where available, and Quantum standard financials for all companies. 

    Quantum standard financials are available for all companies covered by Goldman Sachs Research. The most recent Analyst published models are available if published by the analyst. 



    The Stock Screener allows you to view a list of securities based on search criteria you specify. You can create custom screens of stocks based on regions or industries. You can also filter them by GS Rating or Metrics.

    Start with a Universe - All GS Covered companies or pick from your own personal Watchlists. Specify the criteria you want to view the list of securities based on. You can set the region/country, sector/industry, limit to one or more GS Ratings and also choose fundamental security data under metrics including but not limited to market cap, price performance, fundamentals etc. Then hit VIEW RESULTS. 



    Go to the Watchlist page and click on Add New Watchlist. If you have tickers in Excel you can copy and paste them from a column directly into the input field, or if formatted in a row, separated by commas. We support Bloomberg and Reuters tickers. You can also add companies by using our search above the input field.

    Validate the tickers to see which companies GS currently covers, and those which you will receive research alerts on. 

    Once you have added a Watchlist it will be added into your grouped Companies alert on the Alerts page where you will received research alerts if your alert is ON.

    Visit Watchlists and try it out!

    Note: We do not support Coverage suspended companies or credit only covered companies in Watchlists.

    Once you have a Watchlist set up and providing the companies are GS covered after your validation, click on View in screener from the Watchlist page which where you will be taken to the Stock Screener to view and download data on your Watchlist.

    Note: We do not support Coverage suspended companies or credit only covered companies in Watchlists so these will show as Not Covered, and we do not show data on the Stock Screener.


    Go to Search and search for your Watchlist name in the search field, then hit Search. You will see in results all reports associated with the companies in your Watchlist. You can add additional tags such as actions tags (Rating Upgrade, Rating Downgrade, Conviction List Add etc.) if you want to filter further.