(De)Globalization Ahead?
April 28, 2022
Amid the dual crises of Covid and the war in Ukraine, globalization is arguably facing its biggest test of the post-Cold War era. Where globalization is heading, and what that means for the economy, markets, and society, is Top of Mind.


Stagflation Risk
March 14, 2022
As 2022 continues to unfold, two major growth risks loom large against a backdrop of alarmingly high inflation—the prospect of a Fed policy mistake, and of a sizable disruption in the Euro area’s energy flows. How policymakers navigate these risks, and their growth and market consequences, are Top of Mind.


Russia Risk
February 24, 2022
The potential geopolitical, economic, and asset implications of the conflict unfolding between Russia and the West over Ukraine are Top of Mind. We speak to three Russia watchers for context and views: former US senior intelligence officer Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Director of the Moscow Center of the Carnegie Endowment, Dmitri Trenin, and Professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS, Michael Mandelbaum.

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