A Survivor's Guide to Disruption
July 9, 2019 | Steve Strongin, Amanda Hindlian, Sandra Lawson, Sonya Banerjee, Dan Duggan, Ph.D.
We examine how companies can reshape themselves to better compete in today’s Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) economy. In this new economy, firms can use services provided by other businesses to grow faster, while using less capital and fewer people than would otherwise be possible. Industries are reorganizing in response to these dynamics, and companies must adapt or risk falling behind.

Top of Mind Podcast: Fiscal Focus
Dec 2, 2019

With monetary policy, conducted by central banks, nearly exhausted in the major economies and low interest rates globally, whether fiscal policy, conducted by governments, should play a greater role from here is Top of Mind.

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Gaming’s Next Level
15 Nov 2019


Video games have surged to become one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment globally—and thanks to the rise of mobile gaming, new business models, and emerging technologies like 5G, we think there’s still significant expansion ahead.

Taking the Heat: Making Cities Resilient to Climate Change
Sep 23, 2019


Climate change is a global issue, but cities—particularly ones with high population densities and robust economic activity—are likely to find themselves on the frontlines of adapting to climate extremes. Investments in everything from seawalls to transportation systems, buildings, and electricity grids could drive the largest infrastructure buildout in history, according to Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Institute. 

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